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Trikes are becoming one of the most popular modes of transportation for former motorcyclists; people with arthritis, weak knees and other injuries or disabilities that prevent them from riding a motorcycle. Trikes are also fun for anyone seeking the excitement of the road without worrying about balancing on two wheels.

Affordable Motorcycle Trike Kit Conversions from Wolf


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The Voyager Advantage 
The Voyager Convertible Kit:

  • Now comes in the new Classic style as well as Standard
  • Gives you 5 minute flexibility from 4 wheels to 2
  • Maintains the value of your motorcycle and doesn't limit resale options
  • Is delivered complete, allowing you to install without losing use of your bike
  • Offers a more comfortable ride with independent suspension
  • Costs half as much as conventional motorcycle trike conversions
  • Reduces front end shake at high speeds
  • Minimizes the effects of cross winds or winding mountain roads while towing a trailer
  • Does not cause significant reduction of gas mileage
  • Offers the flexibility to change from one motorcycle to another
  • Frame bears the tongue weight for more efficient trailering

Choose your way to go - from four-wheel touring to two-wheel fun and back again - in minutes!

Pick from the Voyager Standard or the Voyager Classic!

Voyager Motorcycle Convertible kits fit most motorcycles.

Voyager Motorcycle Convertible kits cost less than conventional trike kits.

Voyager Motorcycle Convertible kits require no alteration to your motorcycle.

Enjoy the convenience of a stabilized ride when you need it or enjoy the excitement of a 2 wheel ride in minutes. The Voyager motorcycle convertible kit lets you choose how to ride whenever you ride.

Best of all, the Voyager costs less than half of most of the trike conversion kits on the market.

If you already own a previous version of the Voyager in which the shocks are on the inside of the rear mud guard and you want to upgrade to the low profile back end, contact Wolf!

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* The Voyager classic fiberglass rear assembly is custom-designed to fit Harley Davidson motorcycles and may require professional modifications to fit other motorcycle/saddlebag configurations.

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